Accredited Education

Uta Halee Day School provides quality education through a student-centered approach and individualized learning environment for girls in kindergarden through the 12th grade who require an alternative school setting to best meet their emotional, behavioral and academic needs.

 Our comprehensive approach to the traditional day school program focuses on remediating behavior and teaching replacement skills, promoting academic excellence, proving opportunties for success, and if needed, arranging mental health or counseling services.

Each element of our program is gender-specfic and targeted to meet the unique needs of our students– culminating in a program that helps each young woman realize her potential and find success in school and in life.

Uta Halee’s Instructional Framework™

Reading, writing and mathematics are all vital components of education, but Uta Halee emphasizes an additional 4 R’s: relationships, relevance, rigor and rituals. In the Instructional Framework, administrators, teachers and students work collaboratively to achieve academic goals.

Rigor: UTA classes and high school graduation requirements align with Common Core Standards; students easily transfer or leave with a high school diploma.
Relevance: UTA implements a personalized, culturally-relevant curriculum focused on 21st century skills.
Relationships: Teachers develop relationships and become advocates for students, supporting treatment goals in the classroom.
Rituals: Family, staff and students participate in graduations and learning celebrations; they are able to visualize the student’s continued success.

 Academic Excellence

Quality Education

Uta Halee Day School provides its students with outstanding educational opportunities.


Classrooms foster a culture of empowerment that promotes female strength and learning.


UTA students earn an accredited education with options to complete a high school diploma or a GED.